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WorldBox Mod APK v0.22.21(Premium Unlocked) Download Free

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  • Updated
  • Version 0.22.21
  • Requirements Android 5.1
  • Developer Maxim Karpenko
  • Genre Simulation
  • Google Play
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2.3/5 - (3 votes)
Popularity 31.79% 31.79%


2.3/5 - (3 votes)

Is anything more enchanting than creating a world from scratch and fully controlling it and its creatures? Worldbox- Sandbox Simulator is in the town with God Mode. The Worldbox provides full freedom to create the world and customise the landscapes and islands, causing natural disasters.

World Box provides an array of maps. All the maps have different tasks and locations. If a player is unhappy or unsatisfied with the given map, he could change that or create a new one from slate. World Box Mod Apk alters the regular version to bring diversity to the gameplay.

As the developer of the WorldBox app, Maxim Karpenko’s ingenuity has crafted a dynamic sandbox, allowing users to sculpt worlds and civilizations with the swipe of a finger. His work merges intricate simulation with boundless creative freedom, offering an immersive universe where each decision unfolds into endless possibilities.

About WorldBox Mod Apk 

WorldBox: Sandbox Simulator Mod APK has been launched to provide users infinite availability. Unleash your divine powers and start an ultimate journey as a God. WorldBox Mod APK has provided players free shopping, unlimited shots, gems, money, and coins.

The game’s content is regularly updated to make it more engaging. The addition of the latest Mods keeps it fresh. Plunge into the world of Worldbox Premium Apk and enjoy All unlocked features for nothing.

worldbox mod apk Free Shopping

Exciting Gameplay

Worldbox is situated in an open-ended Sandbox world. The unique gameplay of Worldbox forces me to give it a try. The noticeable feature of the game is that it provides me with the God-like abilities to create the world and civilisation. I populate the universe with creatures like humans, animals, and many others.

It let me shape the lands, bring climate change, and create natural disasters after giving life to creatures. I notice their affairs and the way they interact with each other. I could also control their activities. Multiple game modes add a layer of engagement to the game. Players could choose from God mode, war mode, and peace mode.

The efforts are not complete here. On the contrary, I also faced numerous hurdles. That may be in the form of enemies that try to destroy my created world by using bombs, quakes, and many others. The controls of the game are so simple. All the menus are visible on the main page of the game.

WorldBox Mod APK-Gameplay

Key Highlights of WorldBox Mod APK

Become a God

What will you do if you get the chance to become a God? Experience it with WorldBox Mod Apk. Create a World from scratch. Give life to different beings like humans, animals, and many more. Design cities, build oceans and buildings. After just creating the world, you get a chance to show creative ideas. Unleash your creativity and take your thoughts to its limits.

Just after setting up the world, work for its betterment. Build empires and control all the activities that happen on the Earth. Observe the people construct buildings expansion of the kingdom and cities.

Create Multiple Nations

Life becomes boring without rivalry for the sake of good. Thus, the game aims to create the terrain that causes the competition. It possesses four races: humans, dwarves, orcs, and elves. All differ in looks and skills. They aim to rule the world.

The players must play diplomatically and let the creatures get involved in wars. This skill is very useful and leads to moving forward in the game. Despite these creatures, WorldBox Mod Apk allows the creation of some mythical creatures. These inventions include monsters, Dragons, aliens, Demons, and Zombies.

Various Devine Weapons

The game offers a huge arsenal of artificial weapons. Moreover, naturally occurring disaster options are also available in the game. Send acid rain, atomic bombs, and quakes to cause disasters in the world. Create a pixel art world using paints, brushes, and various tools. This is also a great fun.

Get Ready for Pitfalls at Every Stage

Nothing is easy in life. Everyone reaches the final destination after facing difficulties. Same the case with the WorldBox Mod Apk. I faced many challenges that made my work difficult. 

Sometimes, a natural disaster or enemies try to ruin my life on Earth. I make the right decisions to deal with these unfavourable conditions. The key element is playing actively and making precise decisions to progress in the game.

Complete Freedom to Experiment

It is the attribute of WorldBox that I admire the most. It provides me the freedom to do anything I want. It let me unleash my divine creativity. It gives me a unique feeling of becoming a creator of my world and an observer.

A Vast Collection of Heroes

Finding the hero that mirrors my thoughts into reality is crucial. WorldBox Mod Apk has a vast collection of powerful heroes. Hero is a primary character of the game. The selection of the hero is a difficult task. The right decision helps to progress quickly in the game. And a wrong decision hinders progress. The powerful hero faces off the enemies with ease.

We can get access to up to three heroes at a time. The game also allows us to customise and upgrade the skills of them. The following are the top-listed heroes of WorldBox Premium Apk.

  • Lord of Fire
  • Archmage
  • Ice Wizard
  • Dark Knight
  • Elementalist

Stunning and Vibrant Graphics

WorldBox Mod Apk is captivated by its gameplay, and the visuals and graphics play a vital role. The 2D Graphics make it run smoothly on multiple devices. The simplicity of the graphics and the sounds of the rustle of leaves evoke a sense of relaxation. The game is suitable for both classic and modern game lovers.

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Privilege to Take Actions

The key feature of the WorldBox is that it provides the freedom to act on creature’s activities. Take full control of the destiny of the life forms. Get involved in the activities done by the beings. Help them in doing good or bad. It will lead to the play with the fate of the virtual world.

Games provide a complete hold to give rewards and penalties based on their actions. If they do evil, do punish them. So they get a lifetime lesson. Show rage to them. Praise the good souls to motivate them. In addition, the game has offered me possibilities. I could use different abilities like causing natural disasters, magic, etc.

worldbox mod apk Various Devine Weapons

Control the Population of the World

Nothing is complete without its inhabitants. So, after creating the world, its population is a basic need, thus populating the universe with creatures and civilisations. As the controller and the creator of the universe, the player’s basic need is to control the natives.

Tackle with the Force of Nature

As a creator of the universe, challenge the force of nature. The authority to change the destination is in your hands. Do against nature. Natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes. For the good sake of the dependents, grow vegetation and send the rains.

Give Life to Mythical Creatures

WorldBox Mod Apk diverts our focus toward impossibilities. Enter the domain of the game and do what is impossible. Bring mythical creatures towards life, like dragons, unicorns, and Pheonixes. Allows them to live with the humans and observe the results. These beings induce fear among civilisation. They took a step to change the route of history and bring imagination to reality.

Online Multiplayer Mode

Everyone wants to have this adventure along with friends. So why to play Solo? Activate the multiplayer mode and embark on endless possibilities with friends. This mode allows one to compete with them or play as a companion to create the world. Make alliances with them and show your cooperative skills to opponents.

Easy-to-use Interface

The intuitive interface of WorldBox Mod Apk makes it accessible to a newbie. It does not require any expertise to operate. All the menus and control options are displayed on the homepage. The tutorial videos are also available for beginners.

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Modded Features of WorldBox Premium APK

Secret Menu

Besides the regular game features, WorldBox Mod Apk has introduced a secret menu feature to enhance the gaming experience. This secret menu provides unlimited money, Extensive tools, resources, and other game elements. This mod takes the excitement level to new heights.

Unlocked All

WorldBox Mod Apk has unlocked all the game items for free. These items include the game resources, buildings, creatures, and decorative items. I had to play for hours to get these items in the official game by spending real money. But now, all is abundant.

worldbox mod apk Unlocked All

Premium Birds

The game offers a vast collection of amazing birds. Each has unique traits, sizes, and abilities. All the birds are locked in the official version. I needed to work hard to unlock them. But what is the need to waste time and energy when all is available for free? WorldBox Mod Apk Free Shopping has provided premium birds. The presence of vibrant birds in the world makes it more lively.

Unlimited Shopping

Turns the gaming area into a shopping spree with the WorldBox Mod Apk Unlimited Shopping feature. The Mod version allowed me to shop free of all game items. This feature helps to expand the world quickly as everything is abundant.

No Ads

Nothing is more irritating than the sudden appearance of irritating ads. Due to these ads, most players lost interest in games. From now on, there will be no need to leave the game. Develop interest in the game with the WorldBox Mod Apk Mod menu. It blocks the ads to provide a smooth gaming experience.

Unlimited Everything

With WorldBox Mod Apk, all exclusive items like wood, stone, and gold are limitless. Say goodbye to the restricted version and warmly welcome the Mod version of the game.

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Unlock All Traits

In the World Box, Traits are the basic feature of characters. In the official version, all traits are locked at the initial stages. On winning challenges, the player unlocked them step by step. To progress faster in the game, one needs them all at once. Worldbox Mod APk has unlocked all traits for all characters.

Free Shopping

While crafting the world, we need an extensive collection of game resources and items. Get ultimate access to those items for free with the free shopping feature. WorldBox Mod Apk has introduced this feature to lessen the burden on users’ pockets. Now, construct the realm without bothering about expenses.

worldbox mod apk Online Multiplayer Mode

Download and Install WorldBox Mod Apk v0.22.21 All Unlocked Latest Version.

  1. Begin with the download process after clicking the Download link.
  2. After this, enable the Unknown Sources option to allow permission for outside sources.
  3. Now, proceed toward the main target, which is installation.
  4. Hit the install Button popup on the screen.
  5. Installation never takes much time as the file size is too small.
  6. Congratulations! Now, be the God of the virtual world.

Pros and Cons of WorldBox- Sandbox Simulator Mod Apk


  • The Mod version provides complete freedom to create a world.
  • WorldBox has an extensive online community to share its creations and collect praises.


  • It is difficult for newbies to learn about the game’s controls.
  • It has simple and low-quality graphics. It lacks any texture.


Are you seeking a simulation game besides casual games? No worries, WorldBox- Sandbox God Simulator Mod Apk is in the house. By providing the ability to build a virtual world and be a controller of it, WorldBox seems to be both addictive and thrilling at the same time. To get an unparalleled sandbox experience on Android devices, download the WorldBox Mod Apk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is WorldBox Premium Apk Worth it?

Ans: Yes, the premium version of WorldBox is worth it. It provides free access to all exclusive features of the game.

Q2: Is World Box Free?

Ans: Yes, WorldBox is available on the Google Play Store. You can download it from here for free. The regular version comes with limited features. If you want infinite access to the game, download WorldBox Mod Apk.

Q3: Can I play WorldBox Mod APK offline?

Ans: One of the most appealing features of WorldBox is that it can play offline without the Internet.

Q4: Can I Switch Back to the Original Game from Mod Apk?

Ans: Delete the Mod version and install the official version from the Google Play Store. We can only run one version on our device at a time.

Q5: Can I Play World Box on Different Platforms like PC or IOS?

Ans: WorldBox is initially launched for Android or IOS devices. We cannot directly play it on Windows. Use the App Player-like Bluestacks to run WorldBox smoothly on PCs or Consoles.

Free Purchase
Mod Menu
Unlock All Traits
Unlocked All Levels
All Unlocked
Unlimited Money
Worldbox Mod Apk featured image
Download  WorldBox Mod APK v0.22.21(Premium Unlocked) Download Free 
Free Purchase
Mod Menu
Unlock All Traits
Unlocked All Levels
All Unlocked
Unlimited Money
WorldBox Mod APK v0.22.21
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