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Super Sus Mod Apk v1.54.4.032(Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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  • Requirements Android 5.0
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Enjoy Super Sus Mod Apk with the fusion of social deductive elements. Download the latest version with unlimited everything. It allows players to customize the gaming experience.

Multiplayer games have got much hype in this modern era. Being avid gamers, we must know about their importance. The involvement of the other players in multiplayer mode and the thirst for leading the scoreboard captivate the game more. Super Sus Mod Apk is from one of those art pieces. Do things precisely to reach the imposters. Visit corridors, unveil the imposter, and fulfill the tasks.

What I admire the most about the game is that it blends the innovative elements of other games like Among Us, Werewolf, and Squid Games. The attribute that makes the Super Sus divergent from others is that it divides the players into three sections: Imposters, Neutrals, and Crewmates. Moving on the edge with highs and lows, everyone is fighting for itself and trying to protect it, whether for killing, survival, or just playing around.

The regular game offers various in-app purchases($0.99 to $49.99) to improve the gameplay. These are not essential, but one can invest money to improve gaming. Unlock the abilities and enhanced perks.

About Super Sus- Who is the Imposter MOD APK

The word sus originates from the game Among Us.” Super Sus means suspect or a person who behaves unnaturally. Super Sus mod APK Mega Menu is a modification to the regular game that elevates the gameplay. It has introduced a bunch of perks for its users. It provides payers with intensive abilities and diverse functions.

The Mod version has unlocked powers and all roles for ease of use. It provides unlimited cookies and stars to help you grow faster. The Mod version is available for Android devices without rooting them.

super sus mod apk Limitless Life

Thrilling Gameplay

Super Sus- Who is the Imposter? It comes with a fusion of fun and challenge. The rattling and thrilling gameplay adds a suspicious layer to the gameplay. Super Sus blends all the elements of other famous games like Among Us, Werewolf, and Squad Games. Adding a third group called Neutral adds more complexity to the game.

The main objective of the Super Sus is to save the spaceship that is about to be destroyed by the imposters. I loved this game as it works on the hide-and-seek principle. The game allows me to play in three distant fractions: Imposter, Crewmembar, or Neutrals. I serve as a savior of the ship and the lives on it.

I aim to locate the imposters and eject them out of the ship as fast as possible. As the game starts, they hide in darkened areas. I never knew who the black sheep among us was. Finding an imposter is the most challenging task. As I progressed in the game, I found clues about the evils who hide themselves in the staff.

A person with tactical and detective skills will locate the imposter quickly. To achieve success, we must not trust anybody, but we should keep an eye on everyone. As the game started, I was also considered as a culprit.

Key Highlights of Super Sus APK

Create Shipmaps

Super Sus Mod APK v1.50.7.034 has a unique attribute that makes it superior to the other suspect games. It allows its players to create maps of the ships, which aid in reaching the target rapidly. We can also share the ship’s maps with other players, helping us complete our task. This feature makes the game more convenient.

Amazing 3D Graphics and Visuals

The colorful and cartoonish graphics make Super Sus Mod APK more attractive and eye-catching. The vibrant visuals are so relaxing that one can be on the edge of one’s seat for hours without boredom. The shadows and thrilling lightning create a suspenseful atmosphere. The superb graphics add more authenticity and realism to the game.

Unique Classic Mode

It is the most casual mode played by the abundant of the players. This mode of the game made the imposter stand against the staff. It is a fight between the pretender and the crew. The imposter’s objective is to defeat the ship and all members of it. The crew team has to locate the pretenders and kick them out of the ship. Their main goal is to save the ship from disaster.

super sus mod apk Unlimited All

Multiplayer Mode

The main focus of the game is multiplayer mode, which allows us to communicate with others and make new friends. Super Sus Mod APK allows me to invite friends to play with me and face off with real-life players using my detective skills.

Super Sus also offers a ranked mode. This mode allows me to play against real-life gamers with similar skill levels. I can beat them to aim higher on the leaderboards.

Intuitive Interface and Simple Controls

The simple and easy user interface makes the game more attractive to the users. The controls are super easy. All the options and menus are present on the home screen. The controls for the touch devices have been improved. We can use a virtual joystick or a keyboard to control our character. No science is required, or mastery is needed to learn the controls.

20+ Characters to Choose To

Super Sus Mod Apk is a role-playing game. Thus, it must be rich in character availability. Yes, you are right. It offers a vast collection of characters. The availability of the character varies with the mode. I chose the character that was better suited to the mode I played. Each character has its powers and skills to be used when needed.

Arrange Emergency Meetings

Super Sus Mod Apk is a multiplayer game that offers interaction features. It allows us to interact with fellow players and remain up-to-date on things. The most convenient way to be in touch is by voice chat. Do voice chats and discuss the game.

It also allows us to call for emergency meetings with the other teammates. Create a chat box and invite other players to discuss things in the game. While playing as a crew, I reported about the imposters’ situations and got more information about them from my fellows. It makes it easy to locate pretenders. As an imposter, I discussed my savior.

Complete different Missions

Super Sus Mod Apk divides the game into three sections., Each section has its own pace and thrill. The player is asked to play their desired from the given three roles. Each has its own set of tasks. If one chose a crewmate role. It has provided the list of the missions. He has to complete those tasks quickly to avoid being caught by the imposter.

When playing as an imposter, a distant list of tasks is assigned. Players need to complete that task on time as neutrals. Different missions are assigned. Players must complete those missions before time runs out to upgrade in the game.

Play Along with 10 Players in a Single Match

The key element of the game is the interacting feature. Players must interact with up to 10 members in each Match, which allows 10 people to play together in a single match. Each member has a set of different skills and abilities. The blend of 20 people’s abilities makes it easy to find a fake person among us.

The Addition of New Features in Super Sus v1.50.7.212 MOD APK

To enhance the gameplay, the developers have added new features to the game.

  • When applying a unique trick, you will get an extra skill.
  • Fulfill the given task to charge the skills.
  • Get a skin set as a season reward.
  • S3 special force.

Premium Features of Super Sus Mod APK

Super Sus Mod Apk Unlocked All Skins

The Mod Menu adds an element of fun and joy to the gaming experience. The game unlocks skins and avatars to personalize the gaming experience. With this feature, I created a character that reflects my personality and taste. It adds a competitive element to the game.

No Ads

The Mod Apk is clutter-free and unrestricted. The gameplay is engaging because it has an urge to stay connected with the game for so long. But ads don’t let to do that by frequent appearance. The modified version has come to resolve that issue. With the Mod version, no ads appear on the screen while playing the game. 

super sus mod apkNo Ads

Limitless Life

Survival is a key element to progressing in the game. Once life ends, the game ends, ruining all my efforts. The modified version provides God mode to protect us from this hassle. Keep shining in the game to infinity, as no death occurs.

Super Sus Mod Apk Unlocked All Characters

The game offers multiple characters to play with. The diversity of the characters eliminates the boredom. Every time I have a new character to play with. I needed to work hard to unlock these characters in the official version. The Mod version allows playing with the desired character without paying for it.

Super Sus Mod Apk Unlimited All

We want infinite access to in-game items and resources. For that, we are always searching for a convenient way. No worries, Suer Su Mod Apk is in the house. Super Sus Mod Apk provides unlimited everything. With this feature, we can explore the game fully without any bounds. 

Super Sus Mod Apk Always Imposters

It is the most appealing feature that the official version lacks. The modified version provides a chance of always being an imposter without any restrictions. The user-friendly interface is the key element of this Mod. We can play as an imposter just after a few clicks. This fraction is most tempting to play.

Super Sus Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Gems

We need money to survive, whether in real life or in virtual life. In Super Sus, I required a limitless amount of in-game currency to grow and progress fast. With the modified version, I fulfill my needs. This attribute aids in buying anything without thinking about burdening one’s pocket.

super sus mod apk Unlimited Money And Gems

Enhanced Abilities

The Mod version provides the players with enhanced abilities like strong vision, faster movement, and advanced skills. These modifications are lacking in the regular game. It allows free shopping of game resources.

Super Sus Mod Apk Unlimited Golden Stars 2024 Download Free

You first need to uninstall the old version to attain the new version with new updates.

  1. Click on the download link at the start of the article.
  2. Go to mobile settings and activate the Unknown Sources to allow outside resources.
  3. Once you have done with the above two steps, Proceed towards installation.
  4. An Install button appears on the screen as we open the installer.
  5. Hit that.
  6. Hold on until installation is completed.

For PC 

An Android emulator is required to download Super Sus Mod APK for PC and laptop devices. BlueStacks is the best APP player to run Android Apps on Computers.


Super Sus Mod APK set high standards for all other games in the town with its unique gameplay mechanics and stunning 3D Graphics. If you have played the Among Us game before, you will love Super Sus Beta Mod Apk. Choose your desired mode and explore the ship’s lifestyle. So, What to wait for? Download Super Sus Mod APK now and challenge your friends in multiplayer mode. For more fun and adventurous games, you can also check out dlinxapk.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Super Sus Mod Apk Game Install on Android Devices?

Ans: Yes, This strategy game is fully designed for Android devices.

Q2: Is the Mod version of Super Sus Safe to Download?

Ans: The Mod downloaded from a trusted source is safe and secure. Get the restriction-free Mod from our website with limitless perks.

Q3: How Many Players Can Play in a Single Match? 

Ans: Super Sus Mod Apk allows up to 10 players to play in individual Match.

Q4: Who is the best Imposter in Super Sus?

Ans: The most famous and the best imposter character of Super Sus is Puppeteer.

Q5: Is Super Sus online or offline?

Ans: Super Sus is an online multiplayer role-playing game that requires a smooth Wi-Fi connection.

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Unlimited everything
Unlimited money and gems
Unlimited golden stars
Unlock all characters
Super Sus Mod Apk featured image
Download  Super Sus Mod Apk v1.54.4.032(Unlimited Money, Unlocked) 

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