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SosoMod APK V1.3.6 Download Free For Android

SosoMod APK V1.3.6 Download Free For Android
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  • Version 1.3.6
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developer Diode App
  • Genre Tools
  • Google Play
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Have you ever wondered about having a game box on which you can play popular games? Now, it is possible to use the SosoMod APK. This great application works as a game box on your Android device. It provides you access to a large number of games, including GTA 5, GTA San Andreas, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Melon Playground, Melon Playground 2, People Playground, People Playground 2, and many more, including Roblox games.

You can play these games without any limitations or hurdles, as all the games available on the SosoMod app are modified versions that provide premium features for free. This app offers games in many categories: Action, Arcade, and Fun. You don’t need to update the games; this app has built-in technology that automatically updates them.

sosomod apk Both official and non-official apps are available.

What is SosoMod APK?

SosoMod APK can be an alternative to the Google Play Store for downloading apps and games. SosoMod is not a simple application; it is better than the other app stores in many ways. It provides users with modified versions of free and paid apps and games they can use without spending a single penny. You can easily find your favorite apps and games on it and play them with premium features unlocked.

Is SosoMod APK Legal?

There is a big question about whether SosoMod APK is legal. It provides users with modified versions of apps and games that are illegal, which means that using this app might be harmful. When you use the modified apps and games, there is a chance that your account might get banned.

Why is SosoMod APK so popular?

SosoMod is an app store on your Android smartphone, and you can download modified apps and games using it. This is why it is trendy. You don’t have to download each modified app and game from different websites because you can download them for free using it.

sosomod apk Huge Collection of games

Features of SosoMod APK Latest Version

Access Hundred of apps

On SosoMod APK, you can access hundreds of apps. Go to the search bar on this app and type the name of the application you want. It will appear on your screen in a few seconds. Most of the premium and paid apps are available for free.

Huge Collection of games

The SosoMod Mod APK has a separate Mod Games section, where a variety of popular games are available, including GTA 5, GTA San Andreas, Melon Playground, Melon Playground 2, People Playground, People Playground 2, Roblox games, and many more.

All the games available on it are modified, which provides you with free premium features. You will have full access to every game available on it.

Find your favorite games.

The search option is available on the SosoMod APK, and you can use and apply various filters like mod version, most downloads, and names to find the desired game you are looking for.

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Download manager

The So So Mod App has a download manager that users can use. Using the download button, you can easily download any app or game. The manager will also show you the game details and the download progress. 

sosomod apk Rating system for apps

Different categories

The category section is essential for users because it allows them to identify the type of app and game they are looking for. In SosoMod APK, apps, and games are divided into multiple categories that users can explore to find the app or game of their choice.

Modified Tools

Soso Mod has built-in codes automatically injected into games to bypass restrictions and provide users with premium features. Because of this feature, this app is very famous, and many gamers use and recommend it to others.

Manage your user profile.

On the bottom left of the screen, the “My” option is available. From there, you can access and manage your profile. You can add information about yourself here. You can add the games and apps you love to your profile to make it more attractive.

Free to use

The best thing about the SosoMod APK is that it is entirely free. This application allows you to access popular modified games without paying any money. 

sosomod apk Modified Tools

Avoid annoying ads

Ads are the biggest problem, especially for gamers. It is frustrating when you play an intense game, and a stupid ad pops up on your mobile screen. With the SosoMod App, you can also avoid annoying game ads, as it already has removed all the ads.

Advanced features of the SosoMod APK 2024

Supports old versions

In SosoMod, you can access any version of your favorite apps. As the apps get updated regularly, many people also want to use the previous versions. In that case, you can use this application and access any app version.

Rating system for apps

The SosoMod APK includes a rating system to identify the best apps and games. By seeing the rating of any app or game available on this application, you can determine whether it is worth using.

Both official and non-official apps are available.

SosoMod is similar to the Play Store, but the difference is you get modified apps and games available on this app. Another fantastic thing about this app is that it will have both official and non-official apps available. So feel free as you can find any app on it, even those not available on the Google Play Store.

Find Famous Games

The SosoMod app offers all of the famous games in modified form. Using the search features, you can easily find and play your favorite game without limitations or restrictions. 

sosomod apk Free to use

Play with Authority

Have you ever wanted to play with Authority? I know you would, and you can do this in the simplest way using the SosoMod, as it allows players to use the various cheats in the games. You can quickly kill your opponent in a single hit like a flash. You can also use cheats in the apps to remove restrictions.

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Non-stop updates

All the apps and games available in the Soso Mod App are updated frequently, which means that this application receives nonstop updates and stays up to date all the time.

Pro tips to use the SosoMod APK

  • Please update the app consistently: It is essential to update this app because new versions provide better features.
  • Connect with the community: connecting with the community is essential because you can learn new things.
  • Maintain your device’s health: Maintaining the device’s health clears cache and storage for a free experience. 
  • Backup your data: Try to back up your data every day.
  • Schedule your battery usage: Adjust the graphics and the settings according to your mobile capability to get the best experience. 
  • Customer Support: The support feature is available in SosoMod; therefore, if you have any queries, discuss them with the support team to get solutions.

Download SosoMod APK For Android And iOS.

Downloading the SosoMod APK for Android and iOS is simple. The steps are below.

For Android

  • Click on the given link on the webpage to download the apk file.
  • When it’s downloaded, go to settings on your Android smartphone and find the unknown sources option to enable it.
  • Find the downloaded file in storage to open it.
  • The install option will appear on the screen; click on it.
  • Enjoy this fantastic application on your Android device when the installation is done.

For iOS

  • Click on the download button available below.
  • Wait for downloading and then open settings on your iPhone or any other iOS device.
  • Allow the installation from unknown sources from there.
  • Open the downloaded file now and hit the install option.
  • The app will be installed in a few seconds; thus, be humble.
  • Enjoy using the app on your iOS device when the installation is complete.

SosoMod For PC

As SosoMod is a mobile application compatible with Android, you can still download it on your PC or laptop. For that, you require an emulator on your PC. You can select any popular or good emulator, such as Bluestacks, and run the SosoMod APK on your PC without hesitation.

sosomod apk Avoid annoying ads

Why is SosoMod APK not available on the Google Play store?

For some reason, the SosoMod APK is unavailable on the Google Play store. To download it, you have to use third-party websites. The file of the SosoMod app is available in APK form and is known as the SosoMod APK.

Many people think this app is unsafe to download, but that is not true. It is entirely safe to download; press the download button on this website to download it 100% authentically.

Pros and Cons of the SosoMod App

Knowing about the app you will download on your mobile is better to avoid any problems. The SosoMod APK indeed has many advantages, but there is also no doubt that it has some disadvantages as well that are very harmful. 

Pros Cons
Access premium games with unlocked features.It is an illegal app to use.
Access free and paid apps.You might find yourself in trouble because of using a modified version.
Have access to trending games with mod features.There are account banning risks.
Get unlimited resources in the games.It may contain malware and thus download from an authentic source.
God Mode is available, allowing you to play with various game cheats.
God Mode is available, which allows you to play with various cheats in the games.

SosoMod Melon Playground

You can download the Car Melon Playground game from the SosoMod APK. You can enjoy unrestricted gameplay, as all features will be unlocked, and unlimited resources will be available.

SosoMod APK Car Simulator 2

Car Simulator 2 is a viral game available in SosoMod. You can search for it and download it with unlocked features. It provides a fantastic car-driving experience. 


SosoMod APK is an excellent app because of its unique features, which allow you to modify apps and games with a single click. This app is everyone’s favorite and provides various apps and games you can download. All of them will be modified versions that you can use for free. This app also provides users with multiple search features and is easy to navigate because of its friendly interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are SosoMod Apps?

Ans: The apps and games available on the SosoMod are known as the SosoMod apps. All these apps and games are modified versions.

Q2: What is SosoMod?

Ans: SosoMod is an application that works as a game box or app store on an Android device; it allows you to download multiple modded versions of apps and games.

Q3: Is Sosomod APK free to use?

Ans: Yes, SosoMod APK is completely free to use.

Q4: Is Car Simulator 2 available on the SosoMod?

Ans: Yes, Car Simulator 2 is available on SosoMod. You can find it using the search option.

Q5: Is SosoMod APK safe to use?

Ans: The Soso Mod App is safe, but download it from a trusted and authentic source.

Q6: Do I need to register on the SosoMod app?

Ans: No, you do not need to register on SosoMod; you can use it immediately.

Q7: What is SosoMod’s Latest Version?

Ans: The 2.2 version is the latest version of the SosoMod Mod APK.

Q8: Are there Roblox games available in the SosoMod APK?

Ans: Yes, the Roblox games are also available in the SosoMod APK, which you can download and play without restrictions.

Supports old versions 
Non- Stop Updates
Play with Authority
Modified Tools
Mod info:

Supports old versions 
Non-Stop Updates
Play with Authority
Modified Tools

SosoMod APK V1.3.6 Download Free For Android
Download  SosoMod APK V1.3.6 Download Free For Android 
Supports old versions 
Non- Stop Updates
Play with Authority
Modified Tools
Mod info:

Supports old versions 
Non-Stop Updates
Play with Authority
Modified Tools

SosoMod APK V1.3.6 Download Free For Android
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