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Lovecraft Locker Mod APK v1.4.00 Latest Version for Android

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  • Updated
  • Version 1.4.00
  • Requirements Android 6.0
  • Developer Rafaelworlds
  • Genre Simulation
  • Google Play
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Playing games is a casual hobby for everyone as it is great entertainment in their free time. People like to play multiple types of games, but strategy games have a different place in their hearts as they are exciting, but at the same time, they are also challenging to play.

The Lovecraft Locker Mod APK is a strategy game that is getting a lot of fame right now, mainly because it is an adult game. This game is suitable for the 18+ only and is also not available at the Google Play store because of this reason. You will be a tentacle in the game inside the girl’s school and must capture the girls inside a locker. This game comes with multiple levels you can play and then can unlock more places in the game to experience. You must capture as many girls as possible to get energy and skill points in the game.

About Lovecraft Locker Mod APK

This is a fantastic strategy game with exciting gameplay and eye-catching graphics. This mod version of the Lovecraft Locker Mod APK is a modified version that you can play on your mobile phone. This version will have a lot of advantages for you.

For example, no ads will be available in this version, and you will have the most comfortable experience playing this game. Unlimited money is also provided to you in this app version, and you can get the different items in the game using it. This version also has no security threats, making it a reliable option as your data stays private.

lovecraft locker mod apk

Why should you download the Lovecraft Locker Mod APK?

This game is very addictive and is specially developed to target the adult audience as it is an adult game. If you love to play strategy and adult games, this game is by far one of the best options for you, and it is entirely free to play. So stop waiting and download this fantastic strategy game on your mobile device using the link on the website. It will provide unlimited fun as numerous rooms and levels are available, and you will also get unlimited money.

How do you play the Full version of the Lovecraft Locker Mod APK?

Lovecraft Locker Mod APK is a straightforward game as you will play the role of the Thirsty tentacle in this game, and your task is to capture the beautiful girls to fill your lust meter. A lust meter in red will be available at the top of your screen. At the beginning of the game, the room will be empty, and you have to fill it out by capturing the girls. You can unlock numerous places in this game by completing the levels like the gym, swimming pool, library, and much more.

You need to be careful while playing the Lovecraft Locker Mod APK as well because you do not have to let the other girls see you while you are kidnapping the girls because they can make you complain to the principal. You can also increase the number of lockers and tentacles in the game by making progress.

Different types of girls are available in this game, like girls with beautiful blonde and red hair. This game has an impressive storyline, which you can customize. You can complete the different chapters in the game and proceed to the storyline.

Lovecraft Locker Mod APK – Gameplay

Key features of the Lovecraft Locker Mod APK

Simple to play

Most games have become tricky, and most prefer something else. This is why the developers of this game make it very simple to play where you are a tentacle, and your job is to capture the girls using the tentacle locker.

Unlock and Complete achievements.

There are a lot of achievements available in this game that you can take a look at, and you can even complete these achievements to get valuable benefits in the game. By completing the available achievements, you can unlock more achievements that even provide better rewards, which will also be challenging.

Numerous game levels

The short games in which only a few levels are available are not attractive because when you start enjoying the games, all levels are finished. That’s why this game is better, as it has numerous levels available to play, and they will begin to get complicated as well, which makes the interest deeper in the game.

lovercraft locker mod apk Gameplay Guide

Adult game

On the app stores, you cannot find the adult games available, and to download them, you have to use different websites. Many people like to play adult games, and this game is in this category. It is a game especially for people over 18 as it has numerous unsuitable scenes for children. So, if you like adult games, this game might be the perfect choice for you out there.

Fab Mode

To unlock the content available in this mode, you first have to capture the girls in the lockers, and when they come out of the locker, you will get the lust points. You must collect many of them to unlock the different content available in Fab mode; otherwise, you cannot.

Customise plot

In the games, you have to follow the storyline provided by the developers, and I know, like me, many other people want to customize the plot in their own way. The developers of Lovecraft Locker Mod APK also make this possible as the player can customize the storyline plot according to what they like and have more fun.

Easy game controls

Games with complex controls are not fun to play for most people, including myself, because, in that way, the games become more complicated, which everyone hates. Lovecraft Locker Mod APK ensures a lot of fun as it provides straightforward touch controls where you have to tap on the screen by using your fingers to capture girls.

lovercraft locker mod apk Stunning Graphic

Take girls to the locker.

The main thing you will mostly do in the game is capture the girls using the tentacle locker. So, to make this unique, you can target the different types of girls available in this game every time, as many beautiful girls are available, like blonde and red-haired girls. You will get notified with the purple signal in the game, which indicates that a girl is coming. Ensure the other girls don’t see you capturing the girls.

Modded features of the Lovercraft Locker Mod APK

Unlimited Money 

In the basic version of the game, you will have limited money and have to complete levels to get the money well; that is not going to be the case in the modified version of Lovecraft Locker Mod APK available on this website, as this version will have unlimited money available already that you can use everywhere in the game.

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All locations unlocked

Lovecraft Locker Mod APK has many different locations available, like a gym, swimming pool, library, and many more that you have to unlock in the basic version, which is very time-consuming, so to make sure you will get the maximum fun with limited time in this game in this modified version of the game you will have all the locations available in the game already unlocked.

lovecraft locker mod apk unlock all

Ads disabled

Ads are the major distraction in any game, and in the basic version of this game, you will have a lot of pop-up ads available that will severely affect your experience. This modified game version comes with all the pop-up ads available and is entirely disabled to provide players with an interruption-free experience.

Download requirements of the Lovecraft Locker for Android

You should have the following significant requirements on your Android device to run this game without any problem.

  • Operating system: Android version 6.0 or above is required.
  • Storage: 65 MB of free storage should be enough.
  • RAM: At least 2 GB of RAM is enough.
  • Processor: Quad-core or above needed

 First, look at your Android device and ensure it meets the following requirements: you can download this game comfortably.

Download and Install Lovecraft Locker mod APK Android.

Step 1: Download.

  • Click on the download button available on this website to begin the downloading process.
  • After the download is complete, go to the settings of your Android mobile device and permit the installation from the “unknown sources.”
  • Now, look for the downloaded file in your mobile storage.

Step 2: Install.

  • Open the file you have downloaded right now and press the install option.
  • Wait for the installation to begin.
  • After the installation process starts, wait a few seconds for its completion.

Step 3: Play the game.

  • Now, open the game on your Android device.
  • Now, experience the fantastic gameplay it offers on your mobile.

Lovecraft Locker Download PC

Many people want to play this game on their PCs, and Lovecraft Locker PC has yet to be officially available, but you can use different Emulators on your PC, like Bluestacks, to play this game.

Compatible with the Android and IOS

People right now look for versatile games that they can play on both operating systems, Android and IOS, and this is the game that almost meets all the requirements of the people as it has an exciting storyline, numerous levels, Multiple locations, and is compatible with both of the Android and IOS devices. With all these things, it becomes one of the best strategy games.

Pros and Cons of the Lovecraft Lover Mod APK


  • This is a wonderful game with a beautiful storyline where you can customize the plot.
  • This game features multiple levels and locations that you can play on.
  • You will have unlimited money in the game, and all locations will be unlocked.
  • It is straightforward to play and has easy touch controls that you can use by swiping your fingers.
  • Ads are also not available in it.


  • This is a game for adults, which means it is not suitable for people under 18.
  • It is a game for 18+ and is unavailable on the app stores.
  • You have to download the complete game again when its update is dropped.


People with a great interest in adult strategy games should have to try this game. This is a fantastic game where you will be a tentacle, and you can use the tentacle lockers to capture the beautiful girls around you as you will be in the girls’ school in this game. You can fill the empty lockers with the girls and increase the number of the tentacle lockers as you progress in the game.

This game has unlimited fun as it comes with multiple levels and locations you can play, but first, you must unlock them. This is a thing you will not face in the modified version of the game, as this version of the game already has unlimited money available that allows you to unlock everything.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: Is the Lovecraft Locker app APK suitable for people under 18?

Ans: No, Lovercraft APK is an anime game unsuitable for people under 18 as it is designed for 18+.

Q2: Is Lovecraft Locker Mod APK a free game to play?

Ans: Yes, Lovecraft Locker Mod APK is a completely free version of the game that you can play easily on both your Android and IOS devices.

Q3: Is the Lovecraft Locker Mod APK full version safe?

Ans: people feel uncomfortable using the modified version of the games as they have security issues. Our developers take this thing out in the Lovecraft Locker Mod APK to ensure complete safety for the users of this version.

Q4: Can I play the Lovecraft Locker full version APK on my PC?

Ans: Yes, you can easily play the Lovecraft Locker Mod APK on your PC, but it requires an emulator like GameLoop or Bluestacks on your PC.

Unlock and complete achievements
Unlimited Money 
Ads disabled
All locations unlocked
Featured image of Lovecraft locker mod apk
Download  Lovecraft Locker Mod APK v1.4.00 Latest Version for Android 
Unlock and complete achievements
Unlimited Money 
Ads disabled
All locations unlocked
Lovecraft Locker Mod APK v1.4.00
Download - 154MB

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