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Lonely Survivor Mod APK v1.33.0 (Unlimited Money, Mod Menu)

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  • Updated
  • Version 1.33.0
  • Requirements Android 5.0
  • Developer Cobby Labs
  • Genre Arcade
  • Google Play
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Fighting games are always one of the most loved ones, and this category is always red hot on the app stores as all the game developers at Cobby Labs know that people are crazy about fighting games, and because of that, there are new fighting almost every day on the app stores that you can play. Lonely Survivor Mod APK is a fighting game in which you have to fight against many enemies.

They will be powerful and come in groups, so make sure you use the strategy to eliminate them quickly. You must collect gold and exp in the game to progress and make yourself powerful by upgrading your weapons and fighting skills. You will be a lone warrior in the game and fight numerous monsters. The developer of this game, Cobby Labscobby, has added a lot of surprise elements to the game, which makes things a lot more interesting and difficult.

This game has different maps you can play, and the difficulty level will increase further. Other equipment will be available to you in the game, and you can upgrade it and make it more powerful to fight easily against monsters. You can also use the support items in the battles, like health kits and painkillers, to get extra support.

About Lonely Survivor Mod APK

It is a modded version of this game that you can play on your smartphone. Lonely Survivor Mod APK has many benefits available to the players as it comes with a free shopping feature that allows you to purchase any equipment and weapons from the shop.

You can also immediately upgrade your character to the maximum level without worrying about collecting the gold and exp. The biggest feature it offers is no ads, as you can play the game most satisfyingly in this version without seeing an ad pop up on your mobile screen to disturb you and waste a lot of your time.

lonely Survivor mod apk Free shopping 

Why should you download the Lone Survivor Mod APK?

Consider this game version as it is better than the simple version and provides many benefits. This fighting game has a great storyline, high-quality graphics, and smooth sound effects. There are many different levels and maps available Lonely Survivor Mod APK that you can unlock, and by progressing in the game, you can get powerful equipment and weapons that you can use in the battles. With the help of the modified version of this game, you can make your progress much faster.

How do you play the Lonely Survivor Mod APK latest Version?

Lonely Survivor Mod APK game is unlike fighting games as it is very simple and easily understandable. Your character will be the lone warrior in the game, and your task is to eliminate the enemies trying to attack you. There are many levels available in the game that you can play, and different maps are available for you to choose from. You need to collect the gold and Exp in the game by eliminating your enemy, and you can use these to upgrade your character’s fighting skills and weapons.

Lonely Survivor Mod Apk- GamePlay

Key features of the Lonely Survivor APK

Participate in a never-ending war

Lonely Survivor Mod APK is a fighting game where you will be alone, and the gameplay will be endless. You need to fight against multiple enemies and execute different moves. It sounds pretty simple, but when you dive into this game, you will experience much difficulty at higher levels, making things interesting.

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Easy one-handed combat

One-handed gameplay is ideal, thanks to Lonely Survivor Mod APK’s straightforward, user-friendly fighting system. While you concentrate on guiding your primary character intelligently to dodge opposing strikes, the enemy will automatically attack surrounding targets. Your character will get new abilities as you go and hit particular levels. These skills will improve Your character’s attacks, spice up the gameplay, and make it more exciting. Watch how your character’s assaults change as you gain new skills by keeping an eye on the screen.

Different maps with increasing difficulty

As you finish levels in Lonely Survivor, new maps become available. As you advance, each map becomes more difficult, so keep increasing the strength of your main character. Along the way, expect more formidable bosses and minions. The scope of battles will also increase. Assisting your character to endure longer against more difficult obstacles is your aim.

lonely Survivor mod apk High-quality 3D graphics

Upgrade skills and equipment

Equipment boxes will sporadically appear with every combat for you to gather. These bins hold a variety of objects, including equipment and materials for improvement. Attention to the specifics because each item affects your attack and defence stats differently. Additionally, developing new abilities enables you to use strong combos that increase your fighting prowess. Continue honing your abilities to become the best fighter you can be.

Use support items

Additional items that come in handy during difficult combat can be found in Lonely Survivor. Treasure chests are a common place to find these items. Potions can increase the main character’s HP, while power-up potions can briefly raise fighting stats. These support items can make all the difference in a battle and give you an advantage, so don’t underestimate them.

High-quality 3D graphics

The excellent 3D graphics in Lonely Survivor Mod APK make battles quite visible. Upon entering the game, you will engage in a fierce fight with hundreds of different enemies. With brilliant colors and smooth transitions, the visual effects are stunning. This implies you can play the game without issues on devices with fewer settings.

Mod Features of the Lonely Survivor Mod APK

Free shopping 

In the basic version of the game, you need to collect gold to purchase the items from the shop. Still, in the modified version of Lonely Survivor Mod APK on the website, you will get a free shopping feature that allows you to purchase any item without worrying about the gold. It means there will be unlimited money and gems already. You can easily purchase powerful types of equipment and weapons for free in the game, which provides you an upper hand against your enemies.

Everything unlocked

You have to unlock most of the stuff in this game in the basic version, but the modified version of the Lonely Survivor Mod APK is free from that hustle as it provides you with everything in the game unlocked like all the levels will be unlocked already, different maps will be unlocked, and the other special abilities of your character will also be unlocked in it.

lonely Survivor mod apk Unlock all characters

Unlock all characters

You will have unlimited gems and money available in this version of Lonely Survivor Mod APK, making it very easy for you to unlock all the characters available in this game. In this way, you will get access to the powerful characters right from the start, which makes the game easy to play.

Mod Menu

This version of Lonely Survivor Mod APK provides you with a mod menu, and you can use it to apply multiple cheat codes; using it, you can give unlimited health to your character so that it will become immortal.

No ads

Ads are, without a doubt, the most disturbing thing while you are playing a game, as these waste a lot of your time for no damn reason, and it is the major reason many people don’t like to play the games. The modified version of Lonely Survivor Mod APK takes this problem out of the way as this version has no ads available in the game to make it user-friendly.

lonely Survivor mod apk Mod Menu

Download Requirements of the Lonely Survivor Mod for Android

You need these requirements on your Android device to play this game effectively with no issues.

  1. Operating system: Android 4.4 or above.
  2. Storage: Around 500 MB of free storage.
  3. RAM: 2 GB RAM is more than enough.
  4. Processor: Dual-core or above.

The following are the only major requirements you must look for on your Android device before downloading this game to identify whether your device can download it.

Download and install Lonely Survival Mod APK Latest version on Android.

Step 1 Download

  • To begin downloading, first click the download button on this page.
  • After the download is complete, open the settings on your Android phone and allow installation from “unknown sources.”
  • Locate the downloaded file in the storage on your phone now.

Step 2. Installation

  • After downloading the apk file, open it and choose “install.”
  • Wait for the installation to start.
  • Once it starts, let it take a few moments to finish.

Step 3. Start the game

  • Launch the game on your Android handset now.
  • Launch the game and take advantage of the fantastic gameplay on your phone.

Download requirements of the Lonely Survival Mod APK on IOS

The requirements for downloading the Lonely Survival Mod APK on IOS devices are below.

  1. Operating system: IOS 9.0 or above is necessary.
  2. Storage: 500 MB of free storage is minimum.
  3. RAM: 2 GB is the required RAM.

Check your IOS device for the requirements mentioned above before downloading the game so that you don’t face any problems later on.

Download and install the Lone Survivor Mod APK full version on IOS

Step 1. Download

  • First, search for “Lonely Survival APK” in your device’s app store.
  • Once you locate the app, touch it to begin the download.
  • Verify that the settings on your device allow downloading from unknown sources.

Step 2. Installation

  • After the download, find the file in your device’s storage.
  • Press the file to initiate the installation procedure.
  • Give the installation a few moments to complete.

Step 3: Go into game mode.

  • You may now begin playing the game on your iOS device.
  • Investigate and make use of every premium feature this mod provides.

Compatible with the IOS and Android

Many games are unavailable for multiple operating systems, which is one of the biggest downgrades as some can be played on Android, and others can be played on IOS only. The developers of the Lonely Survival APK have this thing in mind, and to provide a reliable gaming experience to people who use different operating systems, they make this game capable of running on Android and IOS, which is one of the plus points of this game.

Pros and Cons of the Lonely Survival Mod APK


  • An amazing strategic fighting game where you can use multiple weapons and types of equipment to fight monsters.
  • Almost an endless game, as there are many levels available to play.
  • Different maps are available to choose from, which makes things enjoyable.
  • Provides a “Free shopping” feature that allows you to purchase items for free.
  • “Mod Menu” is available to help you implement different cheats in the game.
  • Disturbing Ads are not available in the game.


  • This modified version of the game may not be completely secure.
  • It may kill interest in the game as everything will be unlocked.
  • Requires no skill; even a beginner can become a pro.


Fighting games are always a joy to play, and if you love them just like me, Lonely Survivor Mod APK is the perfect choice for you. It has all the elements that make a great fighting game, as it comes with almost endless levels that keep getting difficult and require you to unlock powerful weapons and abilities of your character.

You need to collect gold by eliminating your enemies in the game, and then you can unlock different equipment and weapons you need to survive against many enemies. The gameplay is very smooth because of the high-quality 3D graphics this game has, and the sound effects, on the other hand, will also be satisfying. This game can be easily played offline, making it a better option for many people. 

The control mechanics of this game are pretty simple. Anyone will get used to them quickly, and you can even just use your one hand to play this game as most of the action will be performed automatically by your character, and you just need to use the right things and make the right strategies as well. 

This version will also have unlimited diamonds, money, and gems available, allowing you to do free shopping from the shop, and you can get the characters upgraded pretty much instantly in this version. The Mod Menu feature is also available on our website dlinxapk.com in which you can use cheat codes in this game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What type of game is Lonely Survivor?

Ans: The Lonely Survivor is an anime-style adventure game where you will be a lone survivor and fight against many enemies using your skills and weapons. You can even upgrade your character skills and weapons to make them more powerful and allow you to fight easily against stronger opponents.

Q2: What is the sweep skill in lonely survivors?

Ans: The special skill “Sweep” is associated with the Peerless-Heavenward Halberd and Heaver Scorcher Halberd weaponry. This close-range strike swings in an arc in the player’s facing direction. Giant Sweep or Tornado Slash are two levels that Sweep can reach.

New content:
1.The Absolute Order event will be back on May 1st, with Flavi's Illusionary Garment: Moon's Dark Side on limited-time sale!
2.The Dragon's Reverse Scale event will be back on May 8th.
3.The Survivor's Grand Adventure event will be back on May 15th.
4.The Stonehenge Treasure event will be back on May 22nd.
5.The Brilliant Pearl event will be back on May 29th.

Unlock all characters
Mod Menu
Unlimited Money
No- Ads
Mod info:

Unlock all characters
Mod Menu
Unlimited Money
No- Ads

lonely Survivor mod apk featured image
Download  Lonely Survivor Mod APK v1.33.0 (Unlimited Money, Mod Menu) 
Unlock all characters
Mod Menu
Unlimited Money
No- Ads
Mod info:

Unlock all characters
Mod Menu
Unlimited Money
No- Ads

Lonely Survivor Mod APK v1.33.0
Download - 517.98 MB
Lonely Survivor Mod APK v1.32.0
Download - 415MB

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